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T1-16 Tactical Assault Ascender

The legacy. Our workhorse!

Regardless of being onshore or at sea, in urban or remote locations; the state-of-the-art T1-16 Assault Ascender has been developed for tactical- and rescue operations under extreme conditions. These unique, watertight battery powered Ascenders are almost silent and can ascend and descend at very high speeds. Giving you great tactical advantage, our Ascenders will not only make your operations more effective but also safer.

Instead of strenuous climbing a rope or ladder you just ride the rope! One hand operation ensures you are able to operate your weapon and lets you fully concentrate on your task. Once the first operator is on top the rest of the team can be winched up easily by using the remote control system.

The T1-16 Assault Ascender was introduced in 2010 and is now in use with many special operations units around the world. It has proven to be an ideal tool for many boarding and various urban tactical and rescue scenario's. With a battery capacity of 400m/1300ft this device is considered the "work horse" among our battery powered ascenders.

The rope grab is optimized for TAGS® Patron PLUS ropes but also works with other specified semi static ropes (EN1891A). The optional 9mm rope Grab is exclusively designed and approved to work with TAGS® Patron Assault (9mm special Dyneema utility rope).

The T1-16 features an internal battery system and is optimized for diving ops up to 10m/33ft depth.

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