TAGS® Compact Launcher MK II

Used by many special operations and rescue teams around the world

In the spring of 2013 we introduced a complete redesign of the well known and established TAGS® Compact Launcher. Supported by a well known European Special Forces Unit and based on operational field experience our engineers implemented major improvements. 

TAGS® Compact Launchers have been specifically designed for use in the toughest maritime, remote and urban environments. We can proudly state nowadays it is trusted by many top notch units around the globe! Military Special Forces, Law Enforcement/Police Special Operantions Units and Rescue Services. Operations around the world have shown that the launcher is extremely effective and easy to use in difficult scenario’s (diving, boat-based and land-based ops):

  • Boarding: deploy a grapnel with a rope or ladder attached onto a vessel
  • Assault: deploy a grapnel with a rope or ladder attached onto a building or high fence
  • Rescue: shoot a line across a canyon, from building to building, ship to ship (or shore) to build a tramway system to get personnel and equipment across or shoot a floating rescue rope to a drowning person (water rescue)

tags compact launcher

 Several kit options available.

Detailed information on request.




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